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The Surgeon

Meet Dr. Hobar

Dr. Hobar has received numerous recognitions for his excellence in cosmetic surgery and patient care.

In association with his work through the LEAP Foundation which endeavors to bring charitable reconstructive surgery to children in less advantaged countries all over the world, he has been honored several times.

Dr. Hobar also serves as the Director of International Development of Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery at Medical City Children’s Hospital and is a volunteer faculty member in the Plastic Surgery program at the University of Texas at Southwestern Medical Center.

How has he achieved what he has?

In Dr. Hobar’s own words:
“I struggled with what kind of medicine I wanted to dedicate my life to when I was in medical school. I knew it was some form of surgery, and I thought it was probably heart surgery. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do an externship in Dallas, the program that I had heard from my guidance counselor was the best surgical training program in the country. But, heart surgery wasn’t available, only plastic surgery. I accepted but was initially disappointed because of my preconceived notions. I was absolutely blown away when I started and found world class surgeons doing things that were at the time on the absolute forefront of surgery. It was the beginning of breast reconstruction for women after mastectomy. The surgeons were taking tissue from the back and tummy and creating beautiful breasts that gave these women hope for the first time that they could not only be cured from their cancer, but again have a normal, beautiful figure. In another room, there was a microsurgeon meticulously working under a microscope to replace a hand that had been severed in an accident. In still another room, was a surgeon reassembling a young child’s face who had been born with a severe facial disfigurement. When I saw the passion in the surgeons and the joy in the patients, I knew, right then and there what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.”

Pursuing a Passion

After graduating from the University of Miami School of Medicine, Dr. Hobar completed 8 years of post graduate surgical training, 7 years at University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas, and one year at NYU in New York City. Dr. Hobar returned to Dallas in 1990 to begin his practice.

Dr. Hobar Continues:
“I have never and will never lose the passion for my work. While I am busiest with my cosmetic practice, I am still balanced by complex facial reconstructions at Medical City Children’s Hospital and with my involvement with the LEAP Foundation. In the next year, we will travel to Zimbabwe, India, Dominican Republic and Belize. In addition, we will bring children from Chinese and Russian orphanages who have severely complex facial deformities. My cosmetic practice, which I find equally fulfilling, allows me to give so much back. There is something great about a patient seeking me out for something they want done, usually because they have a friend or family member who has had a great result and appreciates the excellent and personal care my staff always gives.” The areas I really love are:

Facial Rejuvenation:
I have developed a unique form of rejuvenating the midface in a way that looks natural and provides long term benefit. The midface is kind of like the “core” in fitness. You rejuvenate the midface and everything else then can be rejuvenated maximally. There is absolutely no need for an artifical or unnatural look in facelift surgery. The key is tightening of the supporting structures and natural redraping of the skin.

Breast Augmentation:
I prefer avoiding a scar on the breast in women who have good skin quality. The way I do this is through an endoscopic transaxillary approach. This technique takes a lot of practice and requires rather expensive equipment. A survey done by one of our nationally governing bodies shows that only a small proportion of plastic surgeons use this technique. I am happy to perform the surgery through other incisions – the results should be identical and anyone who tells you differently is speaking from misconception. The sole reason I like doing the transaxillary approach is, after having done the procedure through many different kinds of incisions, I can’t justify putting a scar on the breast unless there is a need to tighten the skin. My idea of an excellent result is a great, totally natural look that compliments a woman’s figure and confidence in all walks of her life.

The nose is at the center of the face and either highlights or detracts from other facial features. The nose is made up of some of the most beautiful and intricate anatomy: cartilage – some curved, some straight, some producing too much show, some just needing slight reshaping, bone and skin. Again, my goal is a totally natural, individualized result.

Body Contouring:
Whether this is liposuction, a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover, this is giving back a figure that cannot be achieved nonsurgically. When skin has been stretched beyond a certain point, when muscles have been separated, when strong hormonal and genetic predisposition cause out of proportion fat storage, “sucking it up” and working out harder and dieting more will not correct these problems. Surgery will correct these things and provide incentive to continue on a lifetsyle program that incorporates fitness and nutrition in a sensible way that can provide lifelong benefit.

A Glimpse Into the Person

Dr. Hobar and his wife Robin have three children, Linsey, Lauren and Matthew.  They also have a son-in-law, Ryan, married to Linsey and another son-in-law, Travis, married to Lauren.  Noah, Luke and Juliette are Ryan and Linsey’s children and just as importantly Dr. Hobar and Robin’s grandbabies!

Dr. Hobar is a Black Belt in Judo and a three-time National Masters Judo Champion. His enjoyment of sports translates into his professional life as he was the team plastic surgeon for the Dallas Stars Hockey Team, until giving that up a few years ago to spend more time in his mission work with LEAP. He and his family are active members at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, and Dr. Hobar considers completing the 7 year Bible Study Fellowship one of the most significant experiences in his life.


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