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Mini Facelift

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Mini Facelift in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

A clean, smooth jawline is an attractive asset to any face. When you have aging in that area that is out of balance with the rest of your face, the jawline is less defined behind sagging skin and tissue called jowls. Many people are genetically predisposed to have prominent, droopy jowls as they age.
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What is a Mini Facelift?

There is not a medically equivalent term for a mini facelift. However, in patients who really do not require a full facelift (a surgery that addresses the lower face and neck) because their neck is in good condition, we refer to the procedure as a mini facelift. In this procedure, Dr. Hobar focuses on the lower portion of the face. The most tangible results are seen along the jawline and the lower cheek area, where patients can be plagued with jowls. By meticulously tightening and supporting the underlying muscles and connective tissues in this area, he is able to accomplish a natural result that is in sync with the rest of your face. When the supporting structures of the face are tightened, the skin is tightened naturally and doesn’t look pulled or unnatural. Most people will notice that you look great, but not be able to pinpoint why.

The term “mini facelift” is one that has been misused by some doctors to promote their short-term, gimmicky solutions to a real problem. Any surgeon that advocates the use of strings to pull up your face or implies that you can fully heal in a weekend is one to fully investigate before you proceed with caution. These short-cut solutions may even end up exacerbating the problem in the long run by creating unsightly scar tissue that can be challenging to remedy. Before you agree to a mini facelift, understand completely what you are signing up for.

Why choose Dr. Hobar?

Dr. Hobar has considerable experience in facial cosmetic surgery and is known for a dramatic but totally natural result. After more than 25 years of experience at his private practice in Dallas, Dr. Hobar is very comfortable with fine-tuning and creating a highly individualized surgical plan for each patient. No two faces are the same and yet, many doctors elect to use a cookie-cutter approach to problem solving. According to Dr. Hobar, “your result should be subtle and natural and enhance your beauty rather than be some trademark look of your doctor.”

Am I a good candidate?

Most importantly, it is essential that you be in good physical health. Mini facelift surgery is very safe and effective when the patient is in sound physical condition. It is important to disclose all of your current and past health conditions as well as any prescribed or over the counter medications or supplements you take. After a careful review of this information, Dr. Hobar might suggest certain preoperative tests to ensure that you are a good surgical candidate.

How is a Mini Facelift performed?

During surgery, Dr. Hobar makes incisions around each ear. These are hidden in the hairline and folds of the ear and are not noticeable after a few weeks into the healing process. Once these incisions are made, Dr. Hobar meticulously works to tighten and reposition the underlying structures of the face, the connective tissue and muscles, which have become lax over time. Any excess skin is removed during this procedure after the underlying support structures are tightened and strengthened. The skin then redrapes to create a natural and long-lasting result.

The procedure is usually scheduled for roughly two hours which enables Dr. Hobar to work in a focused and precise manner. You’re put to sleep under general anesthesia by a well trained anesthetist (CRNA) or anesthesiologist. General anesthesia ensures a very well controlled, safe surgical experience. After surgery, you are taken to the recovery room where you are closely monitored as you awaken from anesthesia.


After surgery, you will have a bandage around your face for your comfort. The next morning, this is removed by Dr. Hobar or one of his staff. Most people experience bruising and swelling, but the degree varies from patient to patient. Patients find that five to seven days after surgery, their swelling and bruising has subsided enough to enable them to resume activities with moderate levels of interaction, such as grocery shopping and other errands. Keep in mind that the healing process is just that – a process. It is not uncommon at the one week appointment for suture removal. Some patients have very little bruising or swelling, while others have more swelling. Be patient with yourself and this process. While it is imperative to be active, eat well and get plenty of rest, it is true that people heal at different paces.

Most patients’ experiences with a mini facelift are not markedly painful. Instead, they primarily feel mild discomfort and tightness. Medication includes pain medicine, antibiotics and usually medicine to help with the swelling. Some patients benefit from the pain medicine and others prefer plain Tylenol. The recovery process should not inhibit people from moving, eating and maintaining a light activity level during the recovery process. Dr. Hobar will usually encourage you to begin light exercise a week after surgery and resume full activity within a couple of weeks.


Thank You!

After 31 years, Dr. Hobar has retired from surgical practice to become a fulltime husband and grandfather (and maybe play a little softball).
He is extrordinarily thankful to all of his patients who will give him lifetime memories to carry with him on this next phase of his journey.
Dr. Hobar will remain actively involved with LEAP Global Missions which he founded with his wife in 1991 and which has provided free surgical care for nearly 10,000 patients worldwide.

If you would like more information about LEAP Global Missions or make a contribution to their efforts, please click here. Dr. Hobaris referring patients to Dr. Evan Beale. Dr. Hobar has known and worked with Dr. Beale for many years and has the utmost faith and trust in him. According to Dr. Hobar: "Dr. Beale is an amazing surgeon, husband, father, colleague and leader in LEAP Global Missions. I will not only rely on him to provide the best possible care for my former patients but to also provide care for my family if we ever need it".

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