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Perhaps you have grown tired of having implants that are too large for your frame. Or maybe after progressing through years of pregnancy and breastfeeding your implants no longer lend the correct volume or shape to your changed breasts. It could be that you have a ruptured implant that needs to be replaced.

Women in Dallas have a myriad of possible reasons for coming to see Dr. Hobar for a breast implant exchange. His extensive experience with various types of implants – and his lack of bias for any one implant – make him an excellent choice for performing your breast surgery.


Breast implant exchange surgery is an operation done under general anesthesia to remove an existing pair of implants (or perhaps a single implant in the scenario of breast asymmetry) and replace those implants with a new pair of implants. It is not uncommon to do this in conjunction with a breast lift, which removes excess skin from the breast.


Dr. Hobar is in a unique position to accommodate women in a variety of scenarios that need a breast implant exchange. He opened his cosmetic surgery practice in 1990, 4 years before silicone implants were banned from the market by the FDA. Partly due to the timing of this event as a cosmetic surgeon with a new private practice, he developed a very conservative approach to which products he will recommend for his patients. SImply put, only those that he is absolutely convinced are safe will be provided to his patients. He also developed a fair amount of experience early on with removing and replacing implants from women seeking to exchange their silicone implants with saline ones.

Over the 19 years he has been in practice, he has seen hundreds of women progress through the various stages of their lives with implants. At each of those life stages, whether it is young adulthood, child rearing, menopausal or beyond, he is sensitive to the needs and demands that life places on your body. He is also sensitive to the fact that just because you are a successful triathlete, a busy mom of four, a corporate executive or a woman enjoying more freedom (though not necessarily any more free time!) in her later years, you are most importantly a woman. One who would like to feel good about her body. Though femininity is expressed in a thousand subtle ways, feeling secure and confident about the way your breasts look and feel is an important asset that can bolster your self confidence.

Having a breast implant exchange can feel daunting. You already experienced the primary surgery. And perhaps others. Dr. Hobar’s compassionate manner, extensive experience and qualification as a board certified plastic surgeon assures that you are in good hands. He will actively communicate with you to ensure that he understands your goals and expectations and will guide you in your decision making process.


Most importantly, it is essential that you be in good physical health. Breast implant exchange surgery is very safe and effective when the patient is in sound physical condition. It is important to disclose all of your current and past health conditions as well as any prescribed or over the counter medications or supplements you take. After a careful review of this information, Dr. Hobar might suggest certain preoperative tests to ensure that you are a good surgical candidate.

Psychological health is also an essential component. Undergoing surgery can be a stressful experience. You might need to alter certain commitments and delegate responsibility to others during the initial days of your recovery experience. It is also critical to understand that while having a breast implant exchange will alter the size of your breasts and improve their shape; it is not able to solve other underlying insecurities and issues. Most people experience a myriad of emotions in the immediate periods before and after surgery. While this can be challenging, it is also normal. Being realistic about your goals and expectations is essential to achieving a positive outcome.

Surgery to exchange breast implants is a wonderful surgery for women who are dissatisfied with the current state of their breasts. As with all cosmetic procedures, it is especially important that Dr. Hobar carefully assess your breasts, body frame and the general condition on your skin and muscle tone as well as understand your goals and concerns before recommending breast implant exchange surgery.


Dr. Hobar performs most of his cosmetic surgery in the accredited Dallas Day Surgery Center. With the latest, cutting-edge equipment and a fully trained staff specializing in cosmetic surgery, this is an ideal place for his patients. A breast exchange surgery can last as little as 30 minutes to replace a single deflated saline implant or as long as 5 hours to remove ruptured silicone implants, place new implants and do a lift at the same time. The surgery time is scheduled so that there is ample time to enable Dr. Hobar to work in a focused, precise and unhurried manner. You are put to sleep under general anesthesia by a well trained anesthetist (CRNA) or anesthesiologist. General anesthesia ensures a very well controlled, safe surgical experience. After surgery, you are taken to a recovery room where you are closely monitored as you awaken from anesthesia. Although it is not required for every breast implant exchange surgery, it is always a nice option to stay the night at The Cloister, a luxurious hotel attached to the Dallas Day Surgery Center where you can recuperate in a relaxing environment with 24 hour nursing care.


After you have been put to sleep, Dr. Hobar will begin the surgery. Dr. Hobar will remove your implants and then proceed with any necessary removal or ruptured implant material. If a breast lift is being done at the same time, he will do this next. Finally, he will place your new implants, usually behind the muscle and thoughtfully determine if they are an ideal size. With a special table that enables him to sit you up during surgery, Dr. Hobar is able to carefully look at the implants in place to help him make this assessment. After the surgery, your underarm incision is closed with dissolvable suture. With incisions under the breast or around the areola, a non dissolving suture is used.


After surgery, you will be wearing a supportive surgical bra. Most people experience minimal bruising and swelling from a breast implant exchange. If your previous implants were in front of the muscle, you will go through a transition time where you are uncomfortable until your muscle stretches and accommodates the implant. The degree of discomfort varies greatly between patients. Some women rely on their prescription pain medications whereas others find they only need Tylenol.

The first followup appointment is typically five days after surgery. At this time, your incisions will be checked and you will be instructed as to how you should massage your breasts. For the next two weeks, you will be responsible for following your massage protocol to ensure that your implants settle into their desired location. This typically requires around 5 minutes, 3 times a day. If your previous implants were behind the muscle, the amount of time that you need to massage is usually significantly less. If you have stitches that need to be removed, they are taken out 10 to 14 days after surgery. The underarm incision is always closed with stitches that dissolve on their own.

Keep in mind that the healing process is just that – a process. Be patient with yourself and this process. While it is imperative to be active, eat well and get plenty of rest, it is true that people heal at different paces. Moving around and keeping yourself busy with household tasks is far better than laying in bed all day. Dr. Hobar is a huge believer in early activity and if you regularly exercise, he wants you back to the gym within a week, beginning at a light activity level and gradually resuming your previous intensity.

If you had a lift in conjunction with your breast implant exchange, you will go through a period of healing until the scars look their best. This can take up to a year. After your stitches are removed, you will begin a process of treatment that Dr. Hobar has in place to ensure that your scars look as good as they possibly can.


While we provide our patients with an opportunity to look through before and after photos of actual breast implant exchange patients during their consultation with Dr. Hobar, we urge our visitors to view our interactive before and after photo gallery while visiting our website. If you have any questions about breast augmentation please send us your questions or call our Dallas office directly at (214) 823-8423.

If all of your questions have been answered and you feel confident about taking the next step towards a successful breast implant exchange surgery you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobar today!


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