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“No Breast Scar” Breast Augmentation in Dallas

Breast Augmentation in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Craig Hobar is a well-known breast augmentation surgeon in Dallas (DFW), Texas who has performed over 1500 breast augmentations since 1990 when his practice began. He is especially well known for creating a natural looking breast, frequently with no scars on the breast.According to Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. Hobar, “Breast augmentation is a beautifully artistic operation that should be done with a high degree of individuality. Every woman is anatomically different, from the underlying rib cage that supports the implant to the overlying muscle, breast tissue, subcutaneous fat and skin.

The goal is not to just make the breast bigger, it is to precisely make the breast optimal and totally complimentary to the remainder of the figure. Too many times women from Dallas settle for less than they should in breast augmentation surgery.”


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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a type of plastic surgery done under general anesthesia where implants are placed underneath the breast tissues in order to improve the overall size and shape of the breasts. The implants can be filled with either silicone gel or saline. Implants come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Hobar will provide you with an opportunity to handle the implants during your consultation at our (DFW) Dallas plastic surgery office. According to Dr. Hobar:

“The majority of the time, I prefer the moderate plus profile implant. Most women undergoing breast augmentation desire enhanced superior and medial fullness, qualities leading them to seek breast augmentation in the first place. The higher profile implants are constricted in diameter to achieve greater projection. The decreased width can lead to a lack of medial and superior fullness with overprojection. In some cases, such as women with lean frames or little breast tissue, the higher profile implants are a good option. This is another example of where individual artistic discernment and experience are of the utmost importance, not marketing hype.”

Dr. Hobar believes that in the majority of cases, placing the implants sub muscularly, which means “behind the muscle” or “under the muscle”, is beneficial for three important reasons:

  • There is more natural tissue covering the implant. Therefore, it looks and feels more natural.
  • The muscles covering the implant provide internal support, which helps to reduce the impact of the weight of the implant. This minimizes the stretch on the overlying skin over time.
  • The clear plane of separation that the muscle provides between the implant and the breast tissue allows for easier and more thorough imaging during mammograms.

For these reasons, it is rare that Dr. Hobar will recommend placing an implant behind the breast tissue and in front of the muscle. This is referred to as “sub glandular” placement. However, in line with his philosophy of taking an individualized approach to cosmetic surgery, there are occasionally women for whom he recommends this type of surgery.

Dr. Hobar can use one of three places as an incision site for placing the implant. One is around the areola (periareolar), another is at the bottom of the breast in a location called the IMF – the inframammary fold – this is where the bottom of the breast meets the chest wall. The third location – and one that he specializes in – is the underarm. This is also known as the transaxillary incision or the armpit incision. This is an ideal place for a scar because the skin is thin and naturally has creases and shadows that camouflage a scar nicely. And, perhaps the best reason, this incision site leaves no scar on the breast. Dr. Hobar feels that in the woman who does not need a lift, the transaxillary, sub muscular breast augmentation usually provides a superior result. “The best breast is a totally natural looking breast that complements a woman’s figure for years to come, in all types of attire, and in all social situations.”


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Dallas breast augmentation surgery is a wonderful surgery for women who are dissatisfied with the size and/or shape of their breasts. It can usually help to enhance the shape of their breasts, provide fullness that is not dependent on a padded bra, and create a natural looking cleavage. There is no way to make your breasts bigger by exercise, diet or “miracle enhancers”. As with all cosmetic procedures, it is especially important that Dr. Hobar carefully assess your breasts, body frame and the general condition of your skin and muscle tone as well as understand your goals and concerns before recommending breast augmentation surgery.

The two major groups of women undergoing this operation are young women who have completed their development and have not achieved the size and shape they desire, and women whose breasts have changed from childbearing and/or nursing. For women who have lost volume and shape after pregnancy or breast feeding (a condition called postpartum atrophy), an implant can restore a youthful look to her breasts and correct a mild degree of skin laxity. If there is excessive skin sagging, then an implant combined with a lift (Breast Augmentation with Lift) may be the procedure of choice.

Dr. Hobar is fully committed to preserving the breasts’ natural physiology so that his patients can nurse or breastfeed in the future if they want to. He does this by not creating any scarring in the breast or disrupting the ducts. In other words, breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery should definitely be possible.

According to Dr. Hobar,
“I not only want my patients to look great after surgery, but also to look good 10 or even 20 years later. Choosing the right implant is an important decision- the size, shape and material (silicone or saline) are all factors – and the selection should be made only after assessing her anatomy and understanding her individual goals.”


Dr. Hobar performs most of his cosmetic surgery, including breast augmentation, in the accredited Dallas Day Surgery Center. With the latest, cutting-edge equipment and a fully trained staff specializing in cosmetic surgery, this is an ideal place for his patients. A breast augmentation is typically scheduled for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. General anesthesia is used because Dr. Hobar wants to ensure a well-controlled and safe surgical experience that is most comfortable for his patient. Following surgery, the patient is taken to the recovery room where she is closely monitored as she awakens from anesthesia.

After being discharged from the surgery center to go home, a patient can usually resume light activities that same day. In cases where a patient is from out of town or simply wants an added element of convenience, staying overnight at The Cloister, a luxurious hotel attached to the Dallas Day Surgery Center where you can recuperate in a relaxing environment with 24 hour nursing care, is always an option.


After surgery, you will be wearing a supportive surgical bra, mostly for comfort. Most women experience minimal bruising and swelling from breast augmentation. Since the implant is behind the muscle, there is a transition time where patients are uncomfortable until their muscles stretch and accommodate the implants. Muscle relaxants are given to ease the tension on the muscle, which in turn helps relieve the discomfort. Pain medicine is prescribed because Dr. Hobar wants his patients to be as comfortable as possible during the healing process. Some women take their pain medicine while others rely on the muscle relaxant and plain tylenol.

Dr. Hobar will not place many restrictions on you during the healing process. As long as you listen to your body and respect the fact that you are healing, it is prudent to resume physical activity soon. Dr. Hobar encourages you to go the gym to begin light exercising in about a week. According to Dr. Hobar: “one of the great hangups we have in medicine is not getting over the philosophy that bed rest promotes healing. When you are inactive and only lying in bed, the healing process slows considerably. Activity is very good for healing from both a physical and emotional standpoint – this has been shown extensively in recent studies. Of course for my overachievers – don’t over do it early on.”


While we provide our patients with an opportunity to look through before and after photos of actual Dallas Fort Worth area breast augmentation patients during their consultation with Dr. Hobar, we urge our visitors to view our interactive before and after photo gallery while visiting our website. If you have any questions about breast augmentation please send us your questions or Call Our Dallas office directly at (214) 823-8423.

If all of your questions have been answered and you feel confident about taking the next step towards a successful breast augmentation surgery you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobar today!


Thank You!

After 31 years, Dr. Hobar has retired from surgical practice to become a fulltime husband and grandfather (and maybe play a little softball).
He is extrordinarily thankful to all of his patients who will give him lifetime memories to carry with him on this next phase of his journey.
Dr. Hobar will remain actively involved with LEAP Global Missions which he founded with his wife in 1991 and which has provided free surgical care for nearly 10,000 patients worldwide.

If you would like more information about LEAP Global Missions or make a contribution to their efforts, please click here. Dr. Hobaris referring patients to Dr. Evan Beale. Dr. Hobar has known and worked with Dr. Beale for many years and has the utmost faith and trust in him. According to Dr. Hobar: "Dr. Beale is an amazing surgeon, husband, father, colleague and leader in LEAP Global Missions. I will not only rely on him to provide the best possible care for my former patients but to also provide care for my family if we ever need it".

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