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There is arguably no product that has come onto the cosmetic surgery market in recent years that has drawn more attention from consumers than Botox. With as little as 3 injections a year, you can expect to see a significant reduction in the amount of wrinkles on your forehead, in between your eyes and alongside your eyes – your “laugh lines”. And the downtime is minimal.

Men and women in Dallas have embraced this safe, effective product as a real solution to diminishing signs of aging and stress that plague them. Botox is safe and it is estimated by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that close to 3.3 million Botox treatments were done in 2005 alone.

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only treatment approved by the FDA for the temporary relief of moderate to severe frown lines between the brows in people 18 to 65 years of age. With one simple 10-minute treatment, results can be seen within a couple of days and can last for up to 4 months. Individual results may vary.


Botox acts by temporarily inhibiting muscles from moving. This in turn enables the wrinkles that have formed in your skin from muscle activity to soften resulting in a smoother appearance. Over time, Botox will gradually wear off and you will need to have another injection to see the same results. Botox treatments last approximately 4 months and many people have excellent results getting Botox 2 or 3 times per year. Botox is an effective nonsurgical treatment for temporarily decreasing certain wrinkles. Because of its efficacy and lack of down time, some people choose regular interval Botox injections over surgery. Others enhance their appearance for an upcoming event or social season. Others “put their foot in the water before jumping in” by starting with Botox injections and eventually committing to a more definitive surgical procedure such as facelift, browlift, or blepharoplasty.


As a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with specialty training during his fellowship that focused on the facial anatomy, Dr. Hobar is at a distinct advantage to effectively and safely give you superior results with Botox. His intimate understanding of facial anatomy honed by years of training and over 19 years of experience doing facial cosmetic surgery make him extremely qualified. You can benefit from his expertise and technique even with pricing that is inline with – or below – the current market rate. This is because he does not actively work to build up a large mass of patients seeking Botox. He does not have “Botox parties” or promote “Botox specials” or “Botox days”. These practices can oftentimes be a great deal of fun for the patient and profitable for the physician. But they can potentially undermine the fact that Botox is a real medicine and both the patient and the doctor should know and respect that fact. Dr. Hobar limits his Botox practice to a select few patients.

“Botox treatments have never been a profit center for me, says Dr. Hobar. I incorporate it into my practice because I think it is a unique, effective tool that can enhance overall aesthetic appearance and can add to results created surgically and with good skin care.”


Botox is extremely safe when used properly. There have been a few serious complications but these were related to either “black market” Botox, or use around the neck and muscles of respiration, usually in higher doses than would ever be considered in cosmetic procedures. The biggest risk sits in the hands of the person doing the injections. If that person doesn’t have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, which muscles to put the Botox in and which muscle not to, then you could have suboptimal results or even worse. According to Dr. Hobar, “Botox is like many things that come along and are new, we tend overuse them and make them do things they were never meant to do. The muscles of facial expression are extremely important tools of communication and appearance. You absolutely have to leave the majority of expression intact. You only want to ‘settle down’ the overactive muscles that are causing unnatural lines. The most useful areas for Botox are the central forehead (frown lines), the central forehead (transverse lines) and the lateral periorbital lines (laugh lines). Botox cannot perform a brow lift. To the contrary, it can make a brow fall if too much of the forehead lifting muscles are injected – this is why I stick to the central segment. When I am injecting the forehead, I have my patient lie flat and apply gentle pressure to the ridge at the top of the eye. I also make sure that they do not sit up for at least 5 minutes after the injection. Using this method, I have not had any incidences of drooping eyes, which can happen if Botox migrates into the upper eyelids.”


While we provide our patients with an opportunity to look through before and after photos of actual Botox patients during their consultation with Dr. Hobar, we urge our visitors to view our interactive before and after photo gallery while visiting our website. If you have any questions about Botox please send us your questions or call our Dallas office directly at (214) 823-8423.

If all of your questions have been answered and you feel confident about taking the next step towards a successful Botox Treatment you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Hobar today!


Thank You!

After 31 years, Dr. Hobar has retired from surgical practice to become a fulltime husband and grandfather (and maybe play a little softball).
He is extrordinarily thankful to all of his patients who will give him lifetime memories to carry with him on this next phase of his journey.
Dr. Hobar will remain actively involved with LEAP Global Missions which he founded with his wife in 1991 and which has provided free surgical care for nearly 10,000 patients worldwide.

If you would like more information about LEAP Global Missions or make a contribution to their efforts, please click here. Dr. Hobaris referring patients to Dr. Evan Beale. Dr. Hobar has known and worked with Dr. Beale for many years and has the utmost faith and trust in him. According to Dr. Hobar: "Dr. Beale is an amazing surgeon, husband, father, colleague and leader in LEAP Global Missions. I will not only rely on him to provide the best possible care for my former patients but to also provide care for my family if we ever need it".

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