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Breast Augmentation with a Lift

Dallas Breast Augmentation

Oftentimes it is in a woman’s best interest to do a combination of a breast augmentation and a lift. This can dramatically improve the shape and feel of a woman’s breast that has been challenged by pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes that occur naturally over time.

Women come to Dr. Hobar’s plastic surgery practice in Dallas because they want the advice and expertise of a board certified cosmetic surgeon with over 19 years of clinical experience. Dr. Hobar is very well known for creating a beautiful result that is both natural and enduring. While having a breast augmentation with a lift won’t guarantee that your breasts will remain firm, full and lifted as you continue to age, it can definitely ensure that your clock will be reset. Having the surgery done now can allow you to regain a youthful, feminine shape to your breasts so that your starting point has really been set back by decades.

What is Breast Augmentation with a Lift?

A breast augmentation with a mastopexy is a cosmetic breast surgery performed under general anesthesia that addresses excess skin, sagging breast tissue, a lack of fullness – particularly in the upper portion and breast cleavage – and improves the feel of the breast. The result are breasts that are ideally shaped with a soft natural bottom curve and fullness at the top creating a cleavage that is feminine and tasteful.

Some surgeons complete this surgery in two stages, leaving the patient with months to wait until they have an opportunity to get a glimpse of what their true ‘after’ result will be. Dr. Hobar does the surgery in one stage. As far as aesthetic breast surgery is concerned, this is one of the more challenging surgeries, requiring a high level of skill and a great deal of experience.

The challenge is to augment the breast, which increases the volume and alters the shape, and then to immediately begin lifting the breast by strategically removing excess skin and supporting the internal breast tissue. The type of incisions placed on the breast are determined by the amount of skin that needs to be removed and the extent to which the nipple-areolar complex needs to be raised. According to the degree of ptosis (sagging), one of three incisions is used. The first is an incision around the areola. To remove more skin, the incision includes an incision around the areola with a vertical cut extending down from the areola to the base of the breast. Finally, in breasts with the greatest degree of ptosis, an incision goes around the areola with a vertical extension to the breast fold and then horizontal extension on either side, following the bottom curve of the breast.

Depending on the nature of the lift required, Dr. Hobar usually elects to place the implants behind the muscle through an incision beneath the arm, called a trans-axillary incision. By placing the implants this way, the risk of infection is minimized. There is a fair amount of infectious agents that naturally live in the glands of the breast and keeping the implant completely separate by means of a separate incision and behind the muscle ensures that any superficial infection will not translate into the implant pocket.

Breast Implant Placement

It is important to note that placing implants behind the muscle is important for a variety of reasons.

There are both saline and silicone implants that can be used for this surgery and thus an implant is selected after a thorough discussion of which one would be a more appropriate fit for the patient’s goals. Dr. Hobar’s overriding philosophy is that it typically should not matter which implant is used, both saline and silicone are excellent choices. What is critically important is the surgeon’s skill and expertise.

Why Choose Dr. Hobar?

A breast augmentation with a mastopexy is a challenging operation that should only be done by a surgeon who has the experience and qualifications as well as the technical savvy and artistic talent to ensure success. Dr. Hobar has performed a breast augmentation with a lift on hundreds of patients over his career. He is consistent with providing successful results and his patients are able to enjoy their new breasts for years to come.


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