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Nutrition is such an essential part of looking and feeling good that it would be a crime to leave it off this website. Everything we put into our bodies initiates a complex sequence of chemical and hormonal interactions that affects everything about us – physically, mentally and emotionally. While it is beyond the scope of this page to get into a detailed discussion, key points to note are:

Far more important than supplemental nutrition is a balanced diet. Supplements will not replace a balanced diet, and a diet that lacks key nutrients can be devastating to the patient trying to heal from surgery. This is usually not a problem in patients undergoing elective cosmetic surgery, except in those cases where a patient has been on an unnaturally restrictive diet or has an eating disorder. A balanced diet should contain protein, good carbohydrates (not sugar) and good fat (minimal trans or saturated fat) and an essential number of calories. The best way to guarantee a healthy vitamin compliment is eating lots of different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The best source of vitamins and co-nutrients are found in whole foods. Sadly that highly purified vitamin pill may be missing all the ancillary substances that it needs to produce the symphony of events it was designed to perform. For example, there are over 600 kinds of vitamin A. How do you know you are getting enough and the right kind – eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are yellow or orange. Isn’t it amazing – God not only provides everything we need, He color codes it.

The one supplement I feel very comfortable in recommending is Juice Plus. It is a whole food based extract of multiple different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The scientific testing is very convincing that this supplement improves health and healing.


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