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Many of my patients find benefit from various products, commonly called “injectables” to create temporary and subtle changes to their appearance.  Basically, these fall into two separate categories.  The first is Botox®.  When used correctly, Botox® works well to ease some of the wrinkles caused by facial muscles that we use hundreds of times a day.  I am careful to use Botox® in moderation so that the results are very natural and you still maintain your natural expressiveness.  Depending on your individual needs, Botox® needs to be done every three to six months for ideal results.

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The other class of injectables fall into the category of “fillers”.  Some examples of these include Juvederm® Ultra Plus, Juvederm ® Voluma XC and Belotero Balance®.  These products, while temporary, last one to two years.  They each have pretty specific uses that vary from person to person so rather than detail what each product can do, please review the list below which highlights some of benefits that fillers can provide.

  • Improve appearance of “marionette” lines.  These are the lines that run from the bottom of the nose and frame the mouth.
  • Enhance the cheek areas
  • Enhance your lip size
  • Improve wrinkles that are too deep to be resolved with Botox alone
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